Insane Travel Tips for the Girls!

If you make plans at the snap of a finger, you’d know what a chore it is to pack certain essentials. If you’re a fan of travelling like this, it is not just about packing but the mindset you have while travelling too.

Here are some travel trips every woman should know before travelling on the go.

Smiling and staying friendly could go a long way!

Something that’s universally acknowledged regardless of race, gender or nationality is a smile. There’s nothing that’s more recognizable than a warm smile that pretty much translates the same in every culture.

Be it a sticky situation or unfamiliar problems, a smile can overcome many barriers. So can staying friendly. At times, the locals are fascinated with tourists usually due to the physical differences and they almost never mean any harm.

In situations like these, it is your behaviour and approach, that decides how you are perceived. So smile as broadly as you can, who knows, you might even make some friends while interacting with locals.

Dress according to the place and be aware of your surroundings!

This might not come as a shock to anyone but some places, after a particular time, become unsafe for women. It’s imperative then you as a traveller, exercise caution.

You can do your bit by researching a place thoroughly, familiarising yourself with the surroundings and the entry and exit routes, crowd patterns and even the culture.

At times, you might have to be careful of what you wear to some places as the locals might not be as accepting of your sensibilities as you would think. So make sure to choose and pack the right outfits based on your research on the destination and the cultural sensibilities of the locals.

Reduce expenditure by being streetwise about your budget!
One of the most important parts about being on the go is flexibility with money. You can save a lot by doing some really basic but helpful things. Redeem air miles while booking, use public transport as it is usually cheaper and try eating local as much as possible.

Another way could be choosing a homestay over a hotel as the former offers you a more immersive experience. If you’re not a fan of getting stuck because of payment issues, you should always have some extra cash on you as it could save a lot of time and effort. Having an international credit card can come in handy as well, as they work in most ATMs.

Shop and explore like a local!
The best way to experience a place is to embrace it with an open mind. Fancy brand shopping is one thing but nothing beats immersing yourself in the vibe of a place through local markets.

The kaleidoscopic lanes of flea markets selling local stuff will not only help you understand the culture of a place better but also make you a better traveller by allowing you to contribute directly to the income of the locals. Making friends is just an added bonus of this way of shopping.

Pack light and pack wise!
One of the first and most important things about travelling is packing. Understated but crucial to travelling, packing defines your trip in more ways than you realize. If you want the liberty of being able to step out at a moment’s notice, packing heavily is almost always a major roadblock, both in terms of time and feasibility.

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