Foods Bad For Liver And Kidneys

All the organs in our body are vital for the proper functioning of the body. Thus keeping the organs healthy is crucial for their proper functioning. However, now we shall discuss the two of the important organs- liver and kidneys. The liver functions to filter your blood produces bile – that helps in digestion and absorption of fats. It further goes to distribute the fat to the other tissues for providing energy and is responsible for producing other proteins too. Meanwhile, kidneys filter the blood by excreting the waste through urine, produce necessary hormones, balance the minerals and also maintain the fluid balance in the body. Let us see what are the foods bad for liver and kidneys.

1. Foods to Avoid for Liver disease

Lower fluids and sodium

When the liver is diseased, the fluid absorption capacity is diminished and thus the protein synthesis is reduced. If there is more fluid intake the chances are that the fluid will get filled up in the tissues. The limited consumption of salt and fluids the fluid retention and swelling is reduced. Avoid eating canned soups and vegetables or any other processed foods.

Controlled Protein intake

Since the liver cannot function well, the proteins cannot be processed well too. This might result in ammonia build up in the body and this is toxic. When with liver disease, it is generally recommended not to consume more than 1 g of protein per 1 kg of your body weight every day. Thus avoid eating high amounts of meat, fish, poultry, legumes, seeds and some cereals.

2. Foods to avoid for Kidney diseases

Dark- colour dark coloured gaseous drinks

Many of the dark coloured gaseous drinks are foods bad for liver and kidneys. They are manufactured using high amounts of sugar and caffeine. They are high in calories. The manufacturer also adds Phosphorous to produce the dark coloured gaseous drinks to improve flavour and shelf life. The additive phosphorous is not bound to protein and are easily absorbable by the intestine. Look for the additive phosphorous in the food label and avoid them in your diet.

Avocados and Brown Rice

The Avocados and Brown rice have numerous nutrients, but they are not recommended for individuals with kidney problems. This is because both the above ingredients are highly rich in potassium and Phosphorous. And the diseased kidneys will not be able to excrete the excess potassium and phosphorous, there is a risk of high blood levels.
Thus avoid the above foods bad for liver and kidneys and have plenty of vegetables and fruits that are healthy for your condition. The safest option is to consult your physician for the right diagnosis. As different diagnosis requires different treatment.

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